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7 min Boris Schapira

(Web) Apps: There is no silver bullet

I recently read an article that proclaimed the end of mobile apps, insisting that RWD (Responsive Web Design) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) were the answer to all companies’ needs. The author was using app downloads figures to support this allegation. As Frederick Brooks said, there is no miraculous technique (no “silver bullet”) in software engineering. Using figures is not so simple and there are many traps that can lead us to false conclusions.

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1 min Boris Schapira

Death: the trivial way

On the one hand, it’s possible we’ll develop ASI that’s like a god in a box, bringing us a world of abundance and immortality. But on the other hand, it’s very likely that we will create ASI that causes humanity to go extinct in a quick and trivial way.
AI Revolution 101”, Pawel Sysiak

Even if I’ve studied it, I’ve never been interested by AI before. As the computer power continue to grow, I think that it may be possible we achieve AGI, even accidental ASI, by the end of my lifetime.

We need to discuss about it.

14 min Boris Schapira

Conquering A/B Testing

Matthew is not the kind of person who takes decisions lightly, especially when it is likely to impact his company’s revenue. He likes to try before he buys. This is why he decided to get into A/B testing.

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1 min Boris Schapira

Opera Dragonfly Search Form is great

I had planned for several months to go to Toulouse for the SudWeb Conference and Workshops, and I had even proposed a subject. Even if my submission had not been selected, I was very proud to go there and meet people united by the common values of Web Standards, innovation, agility… and long story short, I finaly became a speacker but that’s another story.

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