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Question of the older one on what’s “surgery”. What it is, and what it’s for. So, I tried to explain….

– … and to put you to sleep, they use anesthesia. They give you a drug, and then you fall asleep and the surgeons can cut your body without you feeling any pain, to repair you inside.
– Oh okay. And then… do you come back from the dead?
– Err… The main idea is that you don’t die.
– But if Dad, in anesthesia, the bad guy, he comes back from the dead!
– Huh?!
– With his bat!
– What?!

I thought about it for a long time before I understood. He confused “anesthetics” with… the animated movie “Anastasia”.

GIF: A white bat doing Karate.

Bartok, from Anastasia.

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