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[SudWeb2012] Opera Dragon­fly Search Form is great

I had plan­ned for seve­ral months to go to Toulouse for the SudWeb Confe­rence and Work­shops, and I had even propo­sed a subject. Even if my submis­sion had not been selec­ted, I was very proud to go there and meet people united by the common values of Web Stan­dards, inno­va­tion, agili­ty… and long story short, I finaly became a spea­cker (but that’s another story)

The second day, during a work­shop orga­ni­sed by Karl Dubost (Opera) and Anthony Ricaud (Mozilla), I explai­ned that many Front-End deve­lop­pers I work with do not know how to use the query-selec­tor, and are frus­tra­ted not to be able to search a speci­fied group of selec­tors without using javas­cript in the Dev. Tools Console. In fact, what I was expres­sing already exists in Opera Dragon­fly.

Wanna see more ? Read this article writ­ten by Karl : Search DOM Nodes with Opera Dragon­fly Deve­lo­per tool

And here is a short video of what this work­shop looked like :

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